Organic Rice Marketing - Perspective from organic bazaar, Thanal, Thiruvananthapuram

The Organic bazaar run by Thanal in Trivandrum partners with the Save Our Rice Campaign in Kerala to market traditional rice varieties. Since the last few years the Campaign has been working on reviving traditional rice varieties and in the last three years the focus has also encompassed marketing and popularizing traditional rice among consumers.  ...  read full article

Horticulturist by training Mrs Usha is the national coordinator of Save Our Rice campaign and have been working in the field of sustainable and ecological agriculture for the last 15 years- training farmers and youth

The coup of the Kuruva

As a Malayalee growing up in Pune, I missed out on learning to read and write Malayalam. And also, on eating and enjoying the traditional red rices of Kerala. The white polished rice reigned over my diet for almost 40 years, until a health setback pushed me to start eating the Chembas and the Kuruvas. Today, I not only enjoy these rices, but advoca  ...  read full article

Ramesh Chandran is the Founder-Director of Anantha working towards promoting sustainability by building social enterprises and developing local entrepreneurs. Ramesh has corporate business experience

Red Rice Marketing - The Story From Karnataka

It all began with farmers like Sadashivu selling 10, 20, 30 kilograms of rice in 2003, from there the marketing of traditional red rice varieties has come a long way in Karnataka. The quantity of rice sold through the Save our Rice Campaign in Karnataka in 2013 crossed 100 tonnes. However, we realize that even this is a drop in the ocean of rice ma  ...  read full article

Sreemathi G, is the State Coordinator for the Save Our Rice campaign in Karnataka
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