By Soumik Banerjee On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

It was water everywhere and we were being rowed on a boat to reach the coconut lined edges, as we stepped into the grassy bunds overgrown with shrubs, we could see to our amazement – golden panicles of POKKALI Paddy waving at the light wind growing on a pool of water…. POKKALI - A unique salt tolerant, flood resistant variety that is endemic to coa ... read full article

Rice in Orissa - History, Culture & Traditions

By Debjeet Sarangi On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

Rice has been the principal food crop of Orissa much before the 14th century AD. When Wang-Ta-Yuan, the Chinese writer of the 14th century visited the State it was being grown in abundance. Other historical texts, like the Manasollasa of Somesvara and the Mahabharata of Sarala Das, too point out that paddy cultivation was the mainstay of the people ... read full article

Pesticides and Paddy

By Ushakumari S On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

In last January a paddy farmer from Vidarbha in Maharashtra committed suicide because of his mounting debt and inability to sell his harvested paddy. In 2010 many paddy farmers in Orissa also committed suicide. Even in Kerala some paddy farmers killed themselves! In the seventies the picture was very different, especially in Kerala and Tamilnadu wh ... read full article

Naba Digantho farming offers hope of self-reliance

By Sridhar R On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

Mammadpur is a small village in the Hingalganj islands of the Sundarbans in West Bengal. It is situated in the North 24 Parganas District. Unlike many other villages in these islands, this island boasts of electricity and a good road that connects Par Hasnandpur to Lebukhali, both boat jetties -the only connection the island has to the main land. A ... read full article


By Sreedevi Lekshmikutty On 14 May 2019 | Category : Nature

The travel through the Thanjavur belt to visitthe Save Our Rice Campaign farmers was plannedfor March when the drought peaked; the farmershad almost given up. The distress about the drought was compounded by the worries about Jayaraman’s ill health. Nel Jayaraman, the State Coordinator of the Campaign was diagnosed with a serious condition in Janua ... read full article


By Sreedevi Lekshmikutty On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

Basmati rice invokes aroma, taste and lovely long grains of white rice in all our minds. We wait for an opportunity to cook a special meal with this rice and are proud of this wonderful variety. In the West, Basmati rice is associated with India, Indian food, Indian shops and restaurants. What is the reality of Basmati rice? Are we really growing t ... read full article

Visit to Sagar Island, Sunderbans, West Bengal

By Ushakumari S On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

Himanshu Mondal has been inviting us to visit his Sagar Island since 2011. During our last Bengal visit in 2012 we had actually reached Kakdwip, but could not cross the river due to heavy rain and storm. From there one has to take a boat to cross the river that seems like the sea (known as Hooghly river or Muriganga river locally) to reach Sagar Is ... read full article

Dragon fly and Damselfly diversity in Thanal Agroecology Centre

By Administrator . On 14 May 2019 | Category : Nature

Thanal agroecology centre, Panavally, is situated in Wayanad District located in the ecologically fragile Western Ghats. A predominantly agrarian district -the name Wayanad stands for ‘vayal nadu’ (which means paddy lands in Malayalam). It also has a significant tribal population. The population – tribal and non-tribal- mainly depend on cash crop ... read full article


By Sreedevi Lekshmikutty On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

From Bhadravati it was almost a two hour drive to Nandish’s home in Shikaripur (the name sounds straight out a hunting story). Nandish is a prominent organic rice farmer known for his path breaking approach ( legume logic and other new experiments ) and we were looking forward to seeing his farm, home and experiencing his lifestyle. Our visit with ... read full article

Who is afraid of red rice?

By Sreedevi Lekshmikutty On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

Make the pretty red grains a part of your daily meal, as the much-maligned red rice is actually a healthy choice “Try it,” I urge my friend, who is sceptical of making idlis with red rice. She is of the school that believes that rice leads to weight gain and causes diabetes. I send her some ponmani red rice and ask her to make idlis. “Three is to ... read full article