Eating our way to rice-diversity

By Sreedevi Lekshmikutty On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

Recently, studies have established that the causative link to diabetes is with “polished white rice” not any rice. It is increasingly being established that unpolished red and brown rice do not cause diabetes. Rice is my soul food, what I long for when I am hungry and what I miss when I don’t get it. Belonging to the post-green revolution generatio ... read full article

Rice to the occasion

By Sreedevi Lekshmikutty On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

This Pongal, celebrate Nature’s bounty by trying out some indigenous varieties of rice. When we began our rice- with- bran experiment 10 years back, I proudly presented the unpolished, small grained organically grown Komal rice from a friend’s farm near Mumbai; our son looked at his plate and balefully asked, “Can we have some normal food in this ... read full article

Eat Organic!

By Sreedevi Lekshmikutty On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

Sreedevi Lakshmi Kutty believes that we are at the crossroads today with our food threatened from all sides by toxins, genetic modification, cloning, additives, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, and denaturing through processing. Organic is the answer The highpoint of my week is the visit to the weekly organic farmer’s market in the city centr ... read full article

Bugs in my dal!

By Sreedevi Lekshmikutty On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

How does one deal with the pests that infest your provisions? We list out a few simple tips to keep them away Earlier, many families bought grains in bulk, which was then periodically dried in the sun and later packed into containers. ... read full article

Black and beautiful

By Sreedevi Lekshmikutty On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

Omana amma would walk in mid morning with a day’s worth of betel leaf and a beautiful smile. She would settle down to leisurely exchange of the day’s news with my mother. Half an hour later, she would chop vegetables and build a small fire in the two wood stoves in the kitchen annexe. In the next hour, delicious aromas would waft from thekalchattis ... read full article

Beyond basmati

By Sreedevi Lekshmikutty On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

Over 300 fragrant rice varieties are being rescued from obscurity and extinction by committed farmers ... read full article

Rice and Pesticides

By Priyanka M On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

Pesticides found their way into subsistence farms in India in the 1960s, when the Green Revolution arrived with the promise of increased food production. Till then, pesticides were mostly used in plantations and most of that was imported. Since the green revolution, pesticides have become an essential input for food production throughout the countr ... read full article

ULLURAVU- Arangottukara Agriculture Festival

By Ushakumari S On 21 Mar 2017 | Category : Agriculture

Seed and harvest festivals have come back to Kerala in the last one decade as part of the organic farming –sustainable agriculture movement in the state. The slow death of agri-culture that was happening in Kerala in the 1980s and 1990s resulted in sidelining traditional wisdom and loss of livelihoods especially in food production. The two festival ... read full article

Organic Rice Marketing - Perspective from organic bazaar, Thanal, Thiruvananthapuram

By Ushakumari S On 1 Jul 2014 | Category : Agriculture

The Organic bazaar run by Thanal in Trivandrum partners with the Save Our Rice Campaign in Kerala to market traditional rice varieties. Since the last few years the Campaign has been working on reviving traditional rice varieties and in the last three years the focus has also encompassed marketing and popularizing traditional rice among consumers. ... read full article

The coup of the Kuruva

By Ramesh Chandran On 1 Jul 2014 | Category : Nature

As a Malayalee growing up in Pune, I missed out on learning to read and write Malayalam. And also, on eating and enjoying the traditional red rices of Kerala. The white polished rice reigned over my diet for almost 40 years, until a health setback pushed me to start eating the Chembas and the Kuruvas. Today, I not only enjoy these rices, but advoca ... read full article