Rice and Pesticides

By Priyanka M On 14 May 2019 | Category : Agriculture

Pesticides found their way into subsistence farms in India in the 1960s, when the Green Revolution arrived with the promise of increased food production. Till then, pesticides were mostly used in plantations and most of that was imported. Since the green revolution, pesticides have become an essential input for food production throughout the countr ... read full article

ULLURAVU- Arangottukara Agriculture Festival

By Ushakumari S On 21 Mar 2017 | Category : Agriculture

Seed and harvest festivals have come back to Kerala in the last one decade as part of the organic farming –sustainable agriculture movement in the state. The slow death of agri-culture that was happening in Kerala in the 1980s and 1990s resulted in sidelining traditional wisdom and loss of livelihoods especially in food production. The two festival ... read full article

Organic Rice Marketing - Perspective from organic bazaar, Thanal, Thiruvananthapuram

By Ushakumari S On 1 Jul 2014 | Category : Agriculture

The Organic bazaar run by Thanal in Trivandrum partners with the Save Our Rice Campaign in Kerala to market traditional rice varieties. Since the last few years the Campaign has been working on reviving traditional rice varieties and in the last three years the focus has also encompassed marketing and popularizing traditional rice among consumers. ... read full article

Red Rice Marketing - The Story From Karnataka

By Sreemathi G On 1 Jul 2014 | Category : Agriculture

It all began with farmers like Sadashivu selling 10, 20, 30 kilograms of rice in 2003, from there the marketing of traditional red rice varieties has come a long way in Karnataka. The quantity of rice sold through the Save our Rice Campaign in Karnataka in 2013 crossed 100 tonnes. However, we realize that even this is a drop in the ocean of rice ma ... read full article