By Ushakumari S On 14 May 2019 | Category : Nature

East India and Dr Richharia are in the hearts of every person who works on rice diversity. I have heard and read a lot about the region and the person several years back and have recently begun travelling there. I am also meeting and hearing about rice from many of my friends who work on agro biodiversity in eastern India. We have alsobegun hearin ... read full article


By Priyanka M On 14 May 2019 | Category : Nature

The paddy field is a wetland ecosystem, which is not only an agricultural land but also a biodiversity rich area. Different species of medicinal plants, snails, birds, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, damselflies, frogs, and fishes present in the paddy fields are interdependent and also depend on the wetland. This mutual interaction and interdepend ... read full article

Did you say High Yield?

By Debal Deb On 14 May 2019 | Category : Nature

In spite of all the hype and false promises, the yield of hybrid rice in India has seldom exceeded 6.5t/ha under irrigated condition on farmers’ fields.1 On marginal farms (e.g. rainfed drylands, submerged lowlands, and coastal saline farms), the yield of hybrid as well as any modern rice varieties remains abysmally poor. The reason is simple: none ... read full article


By Raju Kavil On 14 May 2019 | Category : Nature

Paddy is one of the most important grains in the developing world. It is cultivated in at least 114 countries, in an area of 156 million hectares. Half of the world population is dependent on paddy rice for their food. Hence there is an economic system developed based on paddy rice and there is a unique art and culture based on rice . ... read full article


By Sreedevi Lekshmikutty On 14 May 2019 | Category : Nature

The travel through the Thanjavur belt to visitthe Save Our Rice Campaign farmers was plannedfor March when the drought peaked; the farmershad almost given up. The distress about the drought was compounded by the worries about Jayaraman’s ill health. Nel Jayaraman, the State Coordinator of the Campaign was diagnosed with a serious condition in Janua ... read full article

Dragon fly and Damselfly diversity in Thanal Agroecology Centre

By Administrator . On 14 May 2019 | Category : Nature

Thanal agroecology centre, Panavally, is situated in Wayanad District located in the ecologically fragile Western Ghats. A predominantly agrarian district -the name Wayanad stands for ‘vayal nadu’ (which means paddy lands in Malayalam). It also has a significant tribal population. The population – tribal and non-tribal- mainly depend on cash crop ... read full article

The coup of the Kuruva

By Ramesh Chandran On 1 Jul 2014 | Category : Nature

As a Malayalee growing up in Pune, I missed out on learning to read and write Malayalam. And also, on eating and enjoying the traditional red rices of Kerala. The white polished rice reigned over my diet for almost 40 years, until a health setback pushed me to start eating the Chembas and the Kuruvas. Today, I not only enjoy these rices, but advoca ... read full article