Alangudi Perumal Method

From just about 600 to 1200 grams of Paddy seeds you can get 9880 kg Paddy in 1 ha


This was developed by Alangudi Perumal - a small farmer from Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu accidentally when his rice crop was destroyed due to floods in 1999. In this method only 250 (fine)-500 (bold) grams of Paddy Seeds are required for 1 Acre of land. The nursery is made in 3 decimal of land for 1 acre; transplantation in 15 to 20 days at 50 x 50 cm. The plants show 80 tillers in 45 days & 60-70 productive tillers in 60 to 70 days on an average to a high of 120 tillers. There are no lodging and yields of 9.88 MT/ha are common with native varieties under organic inputs.…

The Save our Rice Campaign has been promoting this method. See this presentation from Sriram R from Kathiramanglam (TN)....who is also a practitioner of the method and an active associate of the Campaign.

For more details : Sriram - +919486718853 ; Alankudi Perumal - +919486835547

(Thanks to Soumik Banerjee for the input note)

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