Policy Advocacy

Wetland Protection

Most of the States in India are following a paradigm of development that is pushing the farmers out of their lands, and lands are being acquired for massive industrial and mega real estate projects. Paddy and wetland eco systems play a vital role the water cycle of a region. These vast reservoirs support food security as well as in maintaining the local climate.  Unfortunately, these fragile eco-systems have been targetted for 'development' projects and are fast disappearing.  

Kerala started converting paddy lands to non-agriculture use  early in the 1970s, and has by now lost three-fourth of its paddy wetlands.  The situation in the other rice growing states is equally bleak and many of them have lost vast swathes of paddy land to other uses.The left over paddy and wetland eco systems are either getting polluted due to dumping of  waste or industrial pollution. A concerted effort from the public and Governments is necessary to preserve these wetlands which defines our very survival on earth.