R. Jayaraman .

Mr. Jayaraman, who is the State Co-ordinator of Save Our Rice Campaign Tamilnadu and native of Adirangam village in Tiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu. Following the footsteps of his guru Dr Nammalvar, Jayaraman has worked tirelessly to promote the cause of preserving native paddy seeds. He has been the main motivator and organizer of the Paddy Seed festival, one of the largest Seed festivals in Tamilnadu, which is held every year in his village of Adhirengam. The seed festival in May 2016 at Adhirangam was 10th in a row and in which 156 different traditional varieties were distributed to more than 7000 farmers across Tamil Nadu.

Till date he has trained a team of farmers and regularly update them on the current issues that are affecting farmers. In 2011, he received the State Award for best organic farmer for his contribution to organic farming and in the year 2015, he received the National Award for best Genome Savior.  Currently, he is active in Tamil Nadu and also involved in advocacy work with the State to popularize traditional paddy varieties. He officiates as a Training Director of a consumer based organization called CREATE in Tamilnadu, which is a major partner in the Save our Rice Campaign. His popularity as a seed conservation man has earned him the nick name – Nel Jayaraman, ( Nel meaning Paddy)