Seed has been one of the primary focus areas of the save Our Rice (SOR) campaign due to its importance in reviving the paddy culture. One of the important activities of the Campaign has been creation of seed banks, owned and operated by farmers or farmers’ groups in the community at the panchayat levels and seed resource centres. In the previous years the Campaign has successfully revived and multiplied many traditional paddy seeds. Going ahead the focus is to institutionalise the supply of these seeds among farmers so that they are widely used. This is part of the process of mainstreaming traditional seeds back into paddy farming and also into the food culture. . The Campaign has been organising seed festivals and a rice museum has been established in Karnataka.

A resource centre each is being established in the four campaign states ( Kerala, Karnataka , Tamil Nadu, West Bengal), to encourage paddy farmers and create awareness among the non-farming community. Diversity blocks are being maintained in the various agro-ecological regions to demonstrate to farmers and to attract attention to the traditional seeds. These diversity blocks also serve to educate the lay public and students about the importance of such seeds in ensuring food security, even while helping maintain an in-situ, in-house collection of viable seeds every year.